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Webtoons Exhibit Spring 2016 Wang AAC

Photos by Cindy Wu

Webtoons: The Evolution of Korean Digital Comics - March 10 — May 31, 2016 - Charles B. Wang Asian/American Center Jasmine, Zodiac, and Video Galleries

South Korea's entertainment landscape is shaped by a force that's not widely known in the West: the webtoon. The Webtoon is digital comics that run the gamut from comedies to dramas, from thrillers to romances and elaborate fantasies. They can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime, online and on mobile devices. Their popularity has given rise to TV series, films, musical performances, and video games and souvenir businesses. The term webtoon was coined by Naver, one of the top search engines in South Korea, and it quickly became a term that applied to all web cartoons.

This exhibition was organized by the Korean Cultural Service in New York and supported by the Korean portal service, Naver, Rolling Stories and TappyToon.

Here's an AA E-Zine article on the exhibit by Ling Zhu:

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